March 31st, 2020

Seek ROTC Scholarship

I was taught at a young age the importance of financial responsibility. Throughout my life, I have observed the struggles associated with being practically enslaved by debt. My experience with debt and the strong warnings of my parents have influenced me to practice frugality in my budgeting and responsibility in not accepting student loans, unless unavoidable.

To me, the best way to ensure financial stability after college is to avoid the debt incurred through student loans. Where many students fail is their ability to see past the promise of the dream career in which they are aspiring to find jobs. One must think about the cost associated with obtaining goals, and take the proper steps to maintain both secure finances and a quality education. In order to do this, I plan to use only scholarships to pay for college. I have applied for the ROTC Scholarship, which would pay for all four years of my college and provide me with a monthly stipend. Not only would this negate the accumulation of debt that is usually synonymous with a college education, but it would also provide me with a guaranteed job after my schooling. I would be able to begin my life without being weighed down by the burden of borrowed money.

Further, I hope to ensure my success is to refrain from using credit cards. This will allow me to avoid the temptation to over-spend. I hope to be able to work part- time through college. This job combined with any monthly stipend that I receive from the Army ROTC program should provide me with just enough money to live comfortably. I plan to only use a debit card so that I can only spend money that I actually possess.

Keegan Hildner, Fred J. Page High School 

Category: College Bound