March 29th, 2020

Scholarships and Good Grades

Tamera FriersonAs my senior year in high school comes to an end, I’m constantly thinking what my next steps are. I realize my journey to college means entering a new world, making me excited yet anxious. I also realize furthering my education can come with financial burdens, but with good grades, hard work, and responsibility, I will ensure that I start off on the right foot when I graduate.

Since the beginning of grade school, I’ve always been challenged to thrive academically. Being the youngest of five sisters, I’ve also seen the value good grades hold and opportunities they carry. There are tons of scholarship opportunities this day and age, many rewarding students with academic achievements. Also, colleges and universities offer several scholarship programs for current students. If I continue to focus on my school work and thrive scholastically, I can be secure financially with scholarship funding.

While attending the university, there are countless amounts of things to be involved in, though they can be distracting. Keeping focus and concentration during collegiate education is the key to succeeding.This also includes being responsible and monitoring what time and money I spend, maintaining a healthy budget. I recognize that principle and understand that I must stay dedicated and work to my full potential.

This is all to say that academics, hard work, and determination tie into my success at the university and beyond. I’ve learned from a successful business man, Dave Ramsey that “through knowledge and discipline, financial peace is possible for all of us”. If I seek for scholarship opportunity while maintaining good grades, I will be set on the right track when I graduate from the university and enter yet another new world.

Tamera Frierson, Riverdale High School

Category: College Bound