March 31st, 2020

Part-time Job to Provide Skills

Emma DemonbreunWorking thorough college, although difficult, can provide a college student with the skills necessary to survive and thrive in the work world. Budgeting, balancing a check book, discerning between needs and wants, and becoming frugal and responsible are all skills gained through working a part-time job through college. I plan to work as a nanny through my first year of college and then I plan to find a job related to my future career. Both my parents and I desire that I am as independent as possible throughout my college years, paying for rent and any other expenses that may arise. For this to be possible, I must earn a steady income. While I believe in financial security, I firmly believe that if we continue to wait until we are financially secure to move across the country, or start a family, or change careers, we will be stuck unhappy and unfulfilled. I believe that life is lived fully when we are able to chase our dreams and reach our goals, without letting money, or lack thereof, hold us back.

Emma Demonbreun, Central Magnet School

Category: College Bound