March 31st, 2020

Manage Time Wisely

Tara SkibaSomething nearly every freshman struggles with during the first year of college is time management. Colleges now offer an overwhelming amount of programs and clubs that students are highly encouraged to join while balancing core classes and their personal lives. This drastic change from high school has many freshmen struggling to stay afloat. Those who not only stay afloat but are successfully swimming against the current often find great success later in life. Although many people think time management is synonymous with work efficiency, it also helps teach financial responsibility.

I believe the most important thing that one can do to be financially responsible both in college and after is to manage time wisely so he or she doesn’t have to repeat classes over and graduate on time. With the outrageous cost of a degree today, it is crucial to get the most out of the money spent at universities. As a student, you can see exactly what classes and activities your money is going to and ensure that it does not go to waste due to poor time management. This especially rings true to public school students who, up until they started college, saw education as a given or a tedious requirement, not a luxury. Once graduated and out in the work force, time that has been properly utilized can help reach the highest positions in the job market and earn the biggest paycheck. No one wants to graduate after years of work to see how useless both the time and money invested were.

Tara Skiba, Clarksville High School

Category: College Bound