March 31st, 2020

Make Good Financial Choices

Janet SalleyCollege can be an exciting time for students. They are finally out of their own and spreading their wings. It can also be scary. They can’t depend on their parents like they used to physically and financially. While the first comes with age and maturity, the latter can be learned at any age. The financial choices you make while in college can stay with you even after you graduate.

Going into debt while in college is not a good idea. I understand loans can be necessary to attend college. The trouble that most people get into with getting student loans is they borrow more than they need in fear of low funds. As a result, they have to pay back all the money they borrowed, even the extra they got “just in case”.

College life can be busy. But a plastic card is not an answer. It is very easy to just swipe your card and go home with your brand new Nike shoes. In fact,you’re hurting yourself later. Credit cards are very demanding as far as payment goes. Getting into credit card debt can be just as easy as buying those new kicks. A college job is a great opportunity to gain experience as well as earn a little cash. That cash should go in your pocket, not to the credit card company.

College can be stressful. By participating in risky financial behavior, you are putting extra stress on yourself. Being financially responsible is a great choice, just like your choice to further your education. Your choices will stick with you long after graduation. Make sure they are good ones.

Janet Salley, McEwen High School

Category: College Bound