March 29th, 2020

Learn Personal Finance in HS

One of the most important classes I took during my high school years was Personal Finance. Through the class, I learned many things about how to handle my money and assure myself a future with financial peace. Dave Ramsey taught many lessons, but the most important lesson was to never borrow money. First, I will not borrow money to pay for my college. There were “Five Foundations” that high school students should follow now in order to be stable in their finances: get out of debt, save a $500 emergency fund, pay cash for your car, pay cash for college, build wealth and give.

I plan to continue to follow through on these foundations while I am in college. I will pay for my college through scholarships, financial aid, and working. I will do everything possible to ensure that I do not take out student loans. Next, I will not sign up for a credit card during college, or after college for that matter. It would be way too easy to spend money that I do not have if I was in the possession of a credit card. The most important thing I can do during college is pay for everything with the money that I have. I will keep a job through college and budget my finances. If I do all of these things, I will be financially off on the right foot upon graduation from college, but more importantly I will not develop a habit of asking people for money so I can buy things that I cannot afford.

Misti Ray, Donelson Christian Academy

Category: College Bound