March 31st, 2020

Job in College Builds Work Ethic

It is important to have a small source of income in college if I plan on going to graduate school or starting work after I graduate. This can be done by working a few hours a week throughout college and should directly impact my work ethic by keeping me disciplined in my time management. Hopefully that will help keep my grades up, which could help me apply for scholarships. I would immediately put the money earned from working into a savings account that I would not touch.

Besides saving money and keeping grades up, it is important that I search and apply for scholarships outside of college that I may be eligible for. There are several resources like the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation that help fund students through graduate school or even go as far as paying for the entirety of their graduate school.

Additionally, It is crucial that a student opens a credit card and builds a good credit score so that they can take out a loan outside of college if necessary. You never know if you’ll need money for a house or car outside of college.

The biggest thing in pursuing a competitive profession is establishing connections with successful people who are doing what you’re interested in doing. They can help guide and support you financially. In my case, I can learn the trades of medicine from these gurus and mentors, and if all goes well, they may help me establish my own practice.

It is critical to be active in all these areas throughout college. Financial strains can hurt, especially after putting yourself through 4 years of learning. With the right financial strategy, success in school, and important connections, all students should be in a position to start off on the right foot financially after graduation.

Amad Amedy, John Overton Comprehensive High School

Category: College Bound