March 31st, 2020

Invest in Knowledge

It is imperative that one starts off in the right foot financially when getting ready to graduate. While there are many measures one can take to ensure financial prosperity in the future, the secret to establishing a secure fortune, is to have a money saving mindset early on. One must let their values drive their financial goals.

I know that in order to guarantee a college experience, it will be indispensable for me to maintain the highest GPA possible. It was in my self-interest to become a well-rounded student. College scholarships to minimize debt are essential to me, which is why my grades and extracurricular’s enable me to receive them as well as reflect my strive towards academic excellence.

The amalgamation of living within your budget’s means, learning to manage money, and building credit will also help with establishing the financial security one desires when graduating college. Saving money and having the capacity to distinguish between luxuries and necessities will create healthy habits that will ensure affluence in the future.

Since early preparation matters, one must never be complacent, and practicing money saving tips is not enough. The acquisition of knowledge is essential to enable the investment of money. One must preoccupy themselves with comprehending financial jargon and begin looking at ways to advance wealth. In the United States savings can become incredibly lucrative with the right knowledge. The benefits that one can gain by knowing about low-fee mutual funds and compound interest are multiple, and therefore attaining economic expertise should be a priority for college students.

While making the best financial choices may be difficult, one must remember that they are setting themselves up for success and find validation from Benjamin Franklin’s words, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

Araceli Crescencio, Cane Ridge High School

Category: College Bound