March 31st, 2020

Having a Plan is Key

I think that having a plan for everything is the most important step towards graduating, debt free, from college. First off, apply for as many scholarships as you are eligible for. Having this scholarship money could be the difference between graduating with thousands of dollars of debt and graduating debt free. Next, make sure you have a four-year graduation path set out. To help with this, I would suggest meeting with your counselor as often as possible to make sure you are meeting any and all prerequisites for upcoming classes and that you will have as many credits as necessary to graduate on time. Many scholarships will stop supplying their money to you after the eighth semester of your college career. Also, you have to keep your grades up. Many scholarships will cut off their money to you if you drop below a 3.5 GPA. Finally, do not spend any money you do not have. Creating useless credit card debt for that extra nice dinner while in college is not worth paying three times as much for it later once you have the money to pay it back. That is how I would suggest graduating debt free.

Davis Griffin, Creek Wood High School



Category: College Bound