March 31st, 2020

Focus on College is Key

Matthew GuardoCollege, its become almost a sheer necessity for young adults in America if they wish to find for themselves in life the elusive “American Dream”. Do not misunderstand; its a noble undertaking, but in its entirety will be the greatest financial challenge of a lifetime,if not handled properly. A four year degree can cost easily as much as a home. Many turn to student loans. It seems like a good idea at the time; one could get his or her degree which as has always been promised will bring in plenty of money to get rid of those loans. This is perhaps one of the most fatal and venomous decisions, debt is a crushing, subjugating serpent, as much a false temptation as the serpent in the garden. So how can such a problem have a different solution? The wisest thing to do is to, from the beginning, stay ahead of the game. If you can receive as many scholarships as possible and take advantage of all the help you can to go to college, the need to sign a contract with the snake can be reduced dramatically. Even if this cannot cover everything, other small decisions can help one keep his head above water. Work study programs are effective at keeping students decently employed and at school, keeping a student fed and clothed on his or her own account. Internships can offer work experience as well as financial help.The absolute best thing to be done while in college to maintain good financial stability, though, is possibly keeping good grades. Scholarships have GPA and course hour requirements. Learning what you need to be a competitive employee is imperative. Therefore, the best way to escape the serpent’s grasp may very well be to simply focus on College.

Matthew Guardo, Fairview High School

Category: College Bound