March 31st, 2020

Choices in College Affect Future

Caleb LittleBeing fiscally responsible while in college is imperative for success after graduation. Through honest conversations with my parents, I am aware of the cost of college and understand how expensive it is. I also realize they are unable to contribute significantly to my education. The most important thing to help me achieve my goal of graduating with minimal debt is to distinguish between my needs and wants and to create a budget and stick to it so that my needs are met.

Although freshmen are required to purchase a meal plan, I intend to purchase the minimum allowed and cook meals in my dorm room. My entertainment expenses will be kept manageable by taking advantage of free access to sports facility available to students. While taking out student loans is inevitable, I will only borrow what is necessary to cover my expenses.

I’ve learned in personal finance that a student should not have more loans upon graduation than my starting salary. I am working diligently to win scholarships to help reduce the amount of money I will have to borrow. I have started the process of becoming financially responsible by working part-time and learning to manage my finances while still in high school. Purchases are made only if money is in my checking account. My employer has inquired about my working on weekends while in college. I have agreed to do so. My plan is to also apply for a work study position at the university. I feel that being aware of the fact that the choices I make while in college will affect my future finances will help me stick to the budget I set for myself.

Caleb Little, Dickson County High School

Category: College Bound