March 31st, 2020

Smart spending is key.

McKinney, Benjamin - 2173826 PhotoThe most important thing that a student can do while they are enrolled in college is to budget their money wisely, and to not splurge on items that they do not need. This would allow a student to have more money to use after they graduate so that they would not need as big of a loan to purchase the necessities of life, such as food, clothing, a house, etc. Another advantage of budgeting is the lack of debts that college students usually incur during their years enrolled there, which would also result in better credit scores and fewer debts owed to companies and colleges. Resisting splurging on redundant items during college allows college students to have a bigger surplus of money to use that they could put into a savings account and earn interest on, which would allow them to have a larger sum of money upon retirement, or whenever they may need money. Smart spending is a key tool for a college student, and gives the power to the consumer rather than the manufacturer by allowing the consumer to be able to use their money wisely, and to save their money in bigger amounts, letting the student feel safe that they have money to live off of.

Benjamin McKinney, Montgomery Central HS

Category: College Bound

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