March 29th, 2020

Quality education is an investment.

Whiting, Alexis - 2184578 PhotoThe impact of decisions made in college can either weigh a student down financially or position him/her for success before even entering the workforce. With the high cost of college, it is becoming more common for students to find themselves buried in debt. Therefore, one of the most important things I can do is to minimize my college debt. I can either work for a decade after college to pay my debt or have my money working for me in a savings plan for my future needs. To accomplish this, I am applying for as many university and outside scholarships as possible to utilize the opportunity for free funds.  Also, it will be important to have a focused four-year plan toward my Bachelors degree to keep tuition costs at a minimum.    Another key decision will be the college I choose to attend. I believe that a quality education from an esteemed institution is an investment. I plan to position myself through intentional internships for employment after graduation. Professional jobs are extremely competitive, requiring me to market myself to be attractive to employers. Starting on the right foot financially after graduating from college takes purposeful planning on my part and the support from generous organizations such as Cornerstone Educational Credit Union.

Alexis Whiting, Centennial HS

Category: College Bound

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