March 31st, 2020

Networking, hard work and focus on success.

BUTLER, SARAH - 2191756 PhotoIn my journey through the engineering program at the University of Alabama, I intend to make as many connections as I can through personal, academic or business related bonds. Because networking is an important and influential aspect to peoples’ daily lives, having connections with a variety of people is essential in order to further develop one’s opportunities following graduation. Having good relationships with professors and fellow students can only help my aspirations of being successful in the job market. During my time in college, I know I must rely heavily on my grades and knowledge in the classroom in order to enter CO-OP programs or internships. Pre-graduate job exposure will help make me more capable of performing at the highest level possible when I go to work. Being a woman in a relatively male dominated work force, I can bring different outlooks to various situations in a business setting. I also am very aware of the fact that on average, white males receive higher pay annually than females. This reality only drives me further to attain the highest degree possible in order for me to compete financially after graduation. Staying organized with my other activities during college will help relieve the stress of academics. Having a healthy balance between studying and extracurricular activities will ensure a successful college experience. Nonetheless, without hard work and commitment to my major, I know I will never accomplish my goal of financial success after graduation. Although some students graduate with a broad major, I hope that with my engineering degree, I can stand out from the rest of the new college graduates in the work force. With my degree, I will be able to easily problem solve and offer a scientific approach in a business that may not necessarily be an engineering firm.

Sarah Butler, Battle Ground Academy

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