March 31st, 2020

Minimize student loans with GPA, part-time work.

Myers, Kendra - 2176253 PhotoWith the hefty expenses of college, it seems nearly impossible to be debt free after graduating. There are several things that need to be factored in. To make sure I start off on the right foot financially after I graduate college, I will need to do several things that I consider to be equally important. One of the things that I would consider to be important while in college is grades. Maintaining a high grade point average will ensure I continue to receive my current scholarships and perhaps allow me to receive new ones. By qualifying for as many scholarships as possible, I will have less money to pay back in student loans. Another thing I consider to be important is paying off my student loans. I plan to get a job while in college, so I can make small payments towards my interest. Making sure I can pay off my student loans deals with budgeting. Being able to budget properly is the key to being financially stable. If I can get a start on my finances now, I will be preparing myself better for my life after college. Also, while I am in college, I plan to apply for internships. If I can land an internship position, then I will have a better start towards my future career. Getting my foot in the door with a reputable company will tremendously help my career goals and financial security.

Kendra Myers, Dickson County HS

Category: College Bound

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