March 29th, 2020

Discipline is key.

Duke, Mara - 2154115 PhotoGraduating college with as little financial debt as possible is ideal. Achieving this, however, is not a small feat. It requires a great deal of discipline and hard work, but it is obtainable. Students can indeed take action to insure their financial status after graduation. The first thing a student can do is choose the university that suits their major. To elaborate on this, students seeking a career with little financial pay-off should not attend a university that includes a bill fit for a career with a large financial pay-off. Being educated on one’s future career and how that fits into their college choices is very important. Another step a student should make is to develop a successful study habit so that they can take each of their classes only one time. The cost of retaking classes adds up and is something that can easily be avoided. This is the first and most important step a student could follow, and is the most fiscally and educationally beneficial. The last thing a student can do is to work as much as they can manage and to save as much of that money as possible. This work should not get in the way of one’s academic studies; however any extra bit of money will help. Working through college may not be ideal, but it usually is a smart decision.  In the end, a student should be aware of what debt is and how it affects their future. Being as financially responsible as possible is crucial so that one will not be overwhelmed by debt. A college education can be obtained if the student is willing to put in the time and discipline that is demanded from them.

Mara Duke, Creek Wood HS

Category: College Bound

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