March 29th, 2020

Develop good financial habits.

Glasgow, Sarah - 2195682 PhotoAbove all else, the most important way a college student can help oneself start off his or her life after college with a good financial footing is to start accumulating good monetary habits. My habits will define me for the rest of my life, so it is very important to focus on good ones. Whether it is something simple such as writing purchases in a checkbook, or something more difficult like avoiding credit cards to prevent overspending and going into debt, these habits will help to create a stable financial situation. Creating a budget is one of the most important of these habits because it takes months to work out a smooth plan that works for the individual. Though I am not in college yet, I have already started working on these good habits. I have the responsibility of managing my own checking and savings accounts. Since I have a car, part of that is making my own money for gas and not overspending. I have already learned to manage my money wisely through experience and self-discipline, and I have learned the importance of saving. I had to buy my own car, so I have experience in saving money towards a goal. As well, I set aside money for gasoline and routine car maintenance.  Overall, the most important thing that I can do in college would be to keep accumulating good financial habits so that managing my finances becomes a regimen for my life.

Sarah Glasgow, Donelson Christian Academy

Category: College Bound

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