March 31st, 2020

Build foundation of fiscal awareness.

The most important thing I could do during college to start well financially after graduating is to build a strong foundation in fiscal awareness. A major cause of debt for many post-college students is student loans. It is an obstacle that students face because they are given the illusion that student loans are the only way to pay for college. But what most scholars do not realize is that there are several scholarships available for everyone. Some of the grants and awards offered to those planning to attend college are obtainable just by filling in a few blanks. Not only should you spend your time applying for monetary awards but you should also take the time to save money and avoid unnecessary expenses. Though it may seem to be easier to have a credit card, debit cards are a better way to keep track of your savings. All the money that you collect on your card is yours. Having a debit card will teach you responsibility and self-control as well. You want to be the one in control of your life, not unwanted debt. Another step you could take to ensure a stable financial place is to attend a finance class. For example, you could take a course from Dave Ramsey’s series. He is known worldwide for helping people stay out of debt and providing relief from financial stress. Taking advantage of all the resources around is an important step to take in order to be financially well after college. It would be a major accomplishment to come out of college completely debt-free.

Jakyrah Harris, Academy of Home Education

Category: College Bound

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