March 31st, 2020

What do you really want in a car?

What do you really want in a car?  Think about it before you ever go to a dealership.  Are you more concerned with the safety features, the price, or the image?  Or is it something else entirely? When you’ve determined your true motivation, research, research, research before you make a move.

Do you have a car you plan to trade in?  If so, research its value.  The experts at Cornerstone can help with this.  Be reasonable about its condition.  Clean it up and make any minor repairs you can do at home before you are on the car lot and the salesperson is going over it with a fine tooth comb.  This way you will be in a position of control by knowing what it is truly worth.

Don’t forget the importance of researching the value of your desired car, too.  Your position of control increases when you know how much you are willing to take for your trade-in as well as how much you’re willing to spend.

Your research should also include the cost of insurance on the new vehicle as well as the cost of fuel and maintenance.  Finding this information is easy.  Just call your current insurance agent to give you an idea of cost over the phone.  Check out consumer magazines and reports online to give you an idea of fuel consumption, tire costs, and other required maintenance costs.

Finally, have the strength to walk away.  Don’t succumb to sales pressure.  If it’s too much to pay or too little to take on the trade-in, just don’t do it.  There are plenty of car sellers who will work with you.  Don’t give in on the first try if it doesn’t feel right.

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