March 29th, 2020

A Sound Investment

Statistics indicate that those with college degrees (two or four year) earn significantly more than those with only a high school education.  They also have more jobs from which to choose.  A college education also teaches young adults skills and thought processes that will help them throughout their lives.

Starting early is important.  Early does not mean senior year in high school.  Courses taken in middle and junior high school should be chosen carefully depending on the child’s interests and future aspirations.  Many schools are specifically designed with college-preparatory courses.  This is where parents play an important role in assessing the child’s interest and matching it to specific jobs in order to determine those job educational requirements to get the child on the right course.

There are also courses that can be taken in high school that will count towards credits in college.  This will save time and money while preparing the student for the transition to college.  It is important to get to know and work with the guidance counselor on this plan and to seek out mentors in the field of the child’s interest and talk to the teachers and principals, too.

Costs of going to college include tuition, activities fees, room and board, and others.  It’s important to compare out of state colleges to those in state.  Don’t rule out the local college or university.  Compare the courses offered and make a smart decision.  Attending a local college means losing the expense of paying for and furnishing a dormitory room, not to mention travel expenses.  It also means using connections built while living locally to obtain part-time employment while being a student that may parlay into a full-time job later.

Finally, start saving now.  There are many forms of scholarships and financial aid, but some savings to put towards college expenses if not pay for it entirely will not only help your child, but ease your worries as the responsible parent.

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