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April 3rd, 2020

Take personal finance classes

Grace LeeCollege is an important decision, not only academically but also financially. With the recent state of America’s economy, taking precaution is vital in making significant financial decisions, such as paying for a college education. Financial security should not begin after graduation but during one’s attendance, and the most important thing a student can do while in college is to become financially literate by taking personal finance and business classes. Many students graduate college not knowing how to manage their money and are prey to credit card companies and financial scams. Taking personal finance classes teaches students how to budget, invest, and save their money. Students who are working on their education are interested in earning a high income, which can be beneficial, but also unfruitful if not used wisely. Learning about finances, credit and the stock market are just some of the benefits that a student would receive from a personal finance class. These classes not only demonstrate how to save money but also how to invest in order to stretch a dollar even further.

A vast majority of college students say that they are broke and thus live frugally. However, their lives could be easier if they knew how to budget their money. Applying lessons from these financial classes would influence students to make smarter purchases and investments in the future. Students should do whatever it takes to ensure financial security upon graduation. No one likes debt, and managing one’s money at an early age will lead to a more comfortable life in the long run. Finances will always be an important aspect of adult life and financial literacy will give the confidence necessary to be independent in the future.

Grace Lee, 2013 Graduate of Merrol Hyde Magnet School

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