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April 2nd, 2020

Saving now will save you later

Haley WatkinsThe most important thing I can do while in college to start off on the right foot financially is to obtain a part time job and learn how to budget and truly master how to save as much of my paycheck as I can. I have personally grown up in a single parent household that lived paycheck to paycheck my whole life and the last thing I want to do is repeat that cycle with my future children. To help break that cycle student loans are out of the question so throughout my high school career I pushed myself into honors class after honors class and into every program I thought might benefit me at one point. I am currently enrolled in personal finance and one thing it has already taught me is the fact that saving money now can save you from tough situations later in life.

Haley Watkins, 2013 Graduate of Creek Wood High School

Category: College Bound

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