March 31st, 2020

Part-time job will offset college expenses

Ansley StringfieldI can ensure that I start off on the right foot financially when I graduate by working a part-time job while attending school. With a part-time job, I will be able to offset the cost of other expenses without increasing the need of student loans. Another benefit from a part-time job would be learning how to manage my money. I will have to learn to have enough self-discipline to put some money aside to save instead of spending it all on miscellaneous items. This skill will not only be important for paying bills, but also for paying off school loans in the future. Refraining from getting a credit card will also help me have stable finances after graduating.  By remembering these skills, I will hopefully graduate college financially stable. With college tuition rising every year, it is important to make every dollar count.

Ansley Stringfield, 2013 Graduate of Dickson County High School

Category: College Bound

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