March 31st, 2020

Make financial awareness a priority

Suzanne Taylor

Staying financially stable is going to be one of the most important things on my mind when I leave home for college. I’m going to leave with a plan, and that is to work through school as well as doing a work study program. I’ll have to go through seven years of school to get my Doctorate in Chiropractics, and I think the longer time makes it all the more important to stay debt free.

Between cash and my debit card, I will be aware of my expenses, and spend frugally. I think debit cards are smart because you’re spending the money you already have instead of using credit and then paying interest.

I would like to have around $1,000 saved before I leave for college as an emergency fund.

Since my step father’s sudden death last August, my mother and I have spent a lot of time discussing our finances, and I have a new awareness of what is required to pay the monthly bills and buy groceries. These common phrases now have a more realistic meaning to me.

My goal is to finish college with no credit card debt and only minimal student loans. I believe this is attainable if I make saving and being financially aware a priority. Being financially stable starts as a habit, and then becomes a way of life.

Suzanne Taylor, 2013 Graduate of Hendersonville High School

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