March 31st, 2020

Job and scholarships reduce college debt

I believe to start myself off right I have to plan ahead, starting now. As a senior in high school I am planning and preparing for college, career and the rest of my life. I now see why they have juniors take personal finance class. It’s because the budgeting started my senior year, and it hit hard. We have senior pictures, college application fees, yearbooks, senior trips, graduation, senior dues, prom and all kinds of money going out.

As a planner I started this year off by doing the two most important things I could do to prepare for these next few years of expenses. First I got a job to help balance the outgoing cost with some income. This has definitely been a huge help with all that has come up and I continue to save for the future. The more I save now will only benefit me later, so that I can use it for whatever I may need it for; that extra Calculus textbook or a new laptop. The other most important thing I can do for my future is apply for scholarships! College is not cheap, and sometimes finances can determine your options. If you want the financial help you have to work for it. Most scholarships are available for me now, at this age and I am taking advantage of it. No matter what the dollar amount, I apply because they add up. This means I can stay away from loans and getting caught in years of paying them back. The farther I get ahead now the better I will be off, and once I get to be a college graduate I won’t have any debt. This is my goal, to start off in the positives when I start my career, a new beginning.

Lamora Llorens

Lamora Llorens, 2013 Graduate of John Overton Comprehensive High School

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