March 29th, 2020

High GPA keeps scholarships, minimizes debt

Sheridan BlackStarting off on the right foot financially after graduating college is essential.  The best way to achieve this is by keeping the highest Grade Point Average (GPA) possible.  In doing so, it will help students maintain and renew scholarships, reduce the total time attending the university, and keep students off academic probation.  This will ultimately help students graduate with as little debt as possible, thus putting them on a promising path straight out of college.
Scholarships are the main way students receive financial aid.  Many scholarships are renewable each year, but most require students to maintain a GPA of a 3.0 or better. However, many receive scholarships and lose them after letting their grades fall.  Studying and striving to keep a high GPA would mean preserving and renewing the money needed to pay for tuition.  This would prevent the amount of money undergraduates would have to take out in student loans, making it easier to graduate debt-free.

Sustaining a high GPA is critical to graduate in the shortest time possible.  With college tuition costing close to at least $14,000 per year, attending for an extended amount of time can create financial problems and accumulate debt.  Failing classes will eventually result in academic probation.  Most colleges restrict the amount of credit hours a student is allowed to take while on probation.  This reduction in hours taken per term will extend the number of terms required to graduate, thereby increasing the cost of a degree.  Also, failing a class means a student will have to pay for it a second time.  The second time around, the book may have changed for the course which will add additional fees.  People attend college for the purpose of creating better lives for themselves.  Minimizing college debt can go a long way to fulfilling this goal.

Sheridan Black, 2013 Graduate of Rossview High School

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