March 31st, 2020

Grades, right choices, budget are keys

Financial happiness is no walk in the park; each step must be taken with care and thought. I have already taken the first step to financial success in college through my hard work in high school. I have studied hard and spent my time in extra curricular activities such as marching band. This work has given me acceptance to many different schools. Hard work will follow me into college as I work to keep up good grades so that I may keep any scholarship I receive. The next step is making good decisions. I want to choose a college that minimizes the amount of debt that I take on.  The third step is to budget. I will not be able to go without debt for both undergraduate and graduate school, so I must try to lower my costs as much as possible. This can happen through careful budgeting. I plan to spend my money on paper before spending it in cash and to keep up with my spending so I don’t waste money. Each step requires preparation and focus to accomplish. The most important step of college financial planning brings together future goals, costs, benefits, and enriching activities and starts me down the path to financial success.

Marjory Day, 2013 Graduate of Franklin High School

Category: College Bound

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