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April 2nd, 2020

Distinguish needs from wants

Starting off on the right foot financially upon graduation is of great importance.  I have been taught key money management principals at a very young age. I was introduced to money management at the age 4.  I remember having a bank that was divided into three sections, tithes, savings and spending.  No matter what occasion I received money for; I had to place those funds into each of the sections. Now that I am older, I’ve been introduced to the principals of budgeting, the importance of a credit history, and how to properly manage finances.  These are concepts I will continue to use during and after college. My plan is to live on a budget that consists of distinguishing my needs from my wants and allocate my tithes and savings while I am in college. In addition any extra money that I have remaining from scholarships I will place in my savings account at the credit union.  As a part of my financial plan, I will get a share secured loan that will allow me to build my credit history  using my own money.  One of the things that is critical to my generation is to not only know how to increase our earning potential but more importantly, how to manage the money we currently have so later we can invest it.  In order to be successful at this, it is necessary that I continue to apply the principals of paying off any debt, staying on a budget, saving, building my credit, and spending responsibly NOW.   Once I receive my degree in Computer Engineering, I will have more income to apply towards these principles. Now is the time to manage my money efficiently and effectively to ensure that after college, my financial future will begin on the right foot.

Joshua Grigsby-Howse, 2013 Graduate of Oakland High School

Category: College Bound

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