March 31st, 2020

Apply learning to get good job quickly

Making connection and participating in Engineering activities are the main keys that will help me start off on the right foot financially when I graduate. Getting involved in a lot of activities will expand my knowledge and it will help me to be more advanced in the latest technology that is being used in building and fixing materials. Practicing what I learn in class in a real life situation will not only give me lots of experience but also it will help me find a job quickly and easily when I graduate. One activity that I will be involved in this summer and throughout my college is volunteering in a Nissan factory. This activity will help me make a lot of connection with mechanical engineers and other workers that I can learn from their experiences. Not only I will volunteer in the Nissan factory, but also I will participate in the mission trips that Lipscomb University host every year. In previous years Lipscomb’s engineering groups went to Guatemala and helped build bridges and they provided water and electricity to small towns. Doing the above and any other opportunities that involve engineering will increase the chance of me getting my dream job when I graduate and start off in the right job with good salary.

Sara Kamel, 2013 Graduate of Central Middle School

Category: College Bound

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