March 31st, 2020

Select a high-demand career.

First of all, I feel that it is important to determine what career fields or jobs have high demand for employees and then determine if I have an interest or possible skills for those type of jobs, if so, I can be a contributor to society and most importantly be successful in my career.  Why pay all that money for a higher education if you cannot find a decent job after graduation. That alone is the most important decision I can make to help me begin my new life on the right foot financially. My strengths seem to lie in math and science, so it appears that since computers interests me, I plan on focusing on pursuing a bachelors degree in the computer programming field. My research shows that computer programmers are in high demand. I feel like one of the most important things I can do while in college to ensure that I can start off financially on the right foot when I graduate would be to achieve a college degree without owing very much money on student loans.  Currently I or my parents do not have the financial means to pay for my education. I have applied for numerous grants and scholarships and what I am not awarded will have to be made up with some student loans or possibly picking up a part time job so I can contribute to my expenses or save money for my future. I have worked ever since the day I turned 16 years old and still managed to maintain a decent grade point average. College may be harder than what I am used to, but, if needed, I will try to obtain a full-time job during the summer break. I feel working is preparing me to be a responsible adult.

Dylan Blair, 2012 graduate of Centennial High School

Category: College Bound