March 29th, 2020

Maintain a balanced budget.

Many students find themselves struggling economically through their high school years, some go into debt and others simply overspend. The most important thing I can do while in college to ensure that I start off on the right foot financially when I graduate is to keep a balanced budget. Having a balanced budget is the key component that will not only help me stay away from debt but it will also teach me how to manage my resources. In order to accomplish this it is crucial that I become well aware of my monthly income and my monthly expenses. Knowing where and how much of my money is being spent every month will help me keep track of my resources. A budget will also help me prepare for life after college by helping me save as much of my income as possible. If finding a job becomes difficult after I graduate my savings will provide me with a back up to rely on while I’m still unemployed. Keeping a budget will be a great learning experience. I will be able to make sure that my income is being distributed properly. I will also be able to know when I am spending more than the necessary and this way learn to save as much of my money as possible. By learning the key factors of a successful balanced budget while still in college, I will be able to maintain the same equilibrium after I graduate.

Miriam Caravez, 2012 graduate of John Overton High School

Category: College Bound

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