March 31st, 2020

Determine real value of money.

While I don’t believe there is a single most important task I can complete to insure that I will be financially sound after graduating college, I think using different techniques to determine the real value of money and what it means and can do, will help me to be financially stable on my own out of college. It is important to be aware of the value of money while in college, so when I graduate from college I will able to be financially independent. I think even shopping with the value of money in mind is important. Making a budget and being sure to stick by it will be important so that when I leave college. Even if my parents are willing to support me financially, I know they won’t always be supporting me, so learning budgeting skills while in college and have their support, will make it easier when I enter the financially independent world I will be prepared. Knowing the key idea, of not to buy something that I don’t have the money to buy will dissuade me from buying frivolous items like name brand grocery items when off bran are just as sufficient. I think that getting a part time job in college will be useful in determining the real value of money. By having a job, I will understand the value of my work and how it may help pay for college or fund the cost of living while in college. This part time job will teach me how sacred money is, and that is doesn’t just appear out from my parents. Gaining this knowledge will help me to understand the value of my time and salary when I leave college and get a job in the real world.

Lindsey Moore, 2012 graduate of Martin Luther King Junior Academic Magnet School

Category: College Bound